Our installation process

Step 1.

Finding the perfect size generator for your home The first thing we do when we receive an inquiry is ask a few basic questions to assess what size generator will be perfect for your home. During the first visit we will know where the generator will go and what size you need.

Step 2.

Pouring the concrete pad and installing the gas line Now that we know where the generator will go and what size you need, we begin by pouring a custom concrete slab and laying the gas line in place.

Laying the gas line Image

Step 3.

Covering up the gas line and placing the generator To make sure your yard grows back perfectly, we lay the cut grass back over the gas line. We leave every job as if it were our own home.

Covering the Trench Image

Step 4.

Installing the electrical and turning on the generator Now, all that is left is to run the wires and connect the generator to the home. Our team will always be there to watch the generator startup for the first time and make sure all is running well.

Electrical Step Image

Step 5.

Make sure the customer is happy We do not like to leave the house with the customer having any complaints. After the installation we will make sure you are 100% satisfied and ready to go.

Completed Image